Donna Service
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The following text was drawn on the backs of five
women who were on display for 3 hours, the
women then joined the HUMAN X CONDITION
The character of Thenar was a
13 foot puppet who served as
the host for a series of stories
read to the audience
Welcome one and all.  Let me introduce myself. . . . . .
I am the great Thenar Eminence.  Please give me a heart felt hand.

It is my pleasure to present to you this evening
my collection of Hand Maidens' Tails.
Each tail bares a distinctly exquisite consequence,
Yet together they illustrate the trials of a single soul searching for

INTIMACY, (smirkish)
The evolution of our social souls . . .
has almost successfully eliminated our appetite for intimacy. (sarcastic)
Unless, of course, it is served up with artificial flavoring and color.

I caution you that my hand maidens' tails have no artificial
They are as red and raw as a featherless bird.
So if your pallet is unprepared please remember . . .
Do not to spit on your fellow voyeurs.

We will begin WITHOUT A PLACE.
I am trained to stalk intimacy.
Intimacy provokes change
and I exist in change.
I am hunting myself.
I will respond to you if
I am to survive my flesh.

I will stain you skin.
I will place your hands
in my open chest.
Warmth will overwhelm you.
I will offer up my breath
and my lungs will swell
between your fingers.

I forage for desires.
Response is desire's seed
and intimacy is the fruit.
I will grind my eyes
between two stones
and offer them to you
from my fingertips.

I will remember
each throbbing step.
I will walk with intention
across your surfaces and
find shelter in your desire.
I shoulder myself.

I will lie in your mouth.
The thickness of your breath
will fill my womb.
I will not satisfy your hunger
as your saliva caresses
my weeping skin.

I will follow you until
I know the way.
Exhaustion is my pace.
I will not protect myself
from your blood, your breath,
your passion, or you flesh.
I will discover you.
The following text was read over a
loud speaker by a choir of voices
while a performer in costume moved
across the stage.
Vincent II: When a baby is conceived the parents have already
decided which sex they would prefer.  Yet they will select both a male
and female name.  What would a parent do if a child's sex could not
be determined before the age of ten?

All: Delivery . . . Delivery . . .

Baby Jane: Are you out there?  Have I arrived?  Please tell me where
I am!  I am sucking on my Mothers tit.  The tit is all I have . . . I have
no hands.

All: Where did you come from?

Baby Jane: I came from within.  It was dark.  It was warm.  Motion
could not be felt.  I was in a void, contained yet unrestricted.

All: Why are you here?
The script is a compilation of excerpts from classic
writers (i.e. Blake, Marinetti, Kierkegaard, Voltaire,
Mann, Blake, Sade, Yeats) tied together with sing
song rhymes in the aesethic of Tweedle Dee and
Let me set the scene.  This isn't a dream.  This is Cynthia Soul Sister:  coffee, sugar and cream.
Here to my right is a cat late at night. The King of Kool if he's to the mike.
And double your pleasure, Double your fun.  Double up on your Donnas:  Donna Dee Donna Dum . . .
And the reason we're here(though you thought it was beer) Is why our heart stirs.
Man, its Venus - in Furs.
Venus in Furs, Venus in Furs - Its why our heart stirs, man, for Venus in Furs . . .